The School of Pharmacy was established in 2002. It has set up a doctoral degree authorization point for pharmacy(level 1) and a post-doctoral research station of pharmacy(level 1). The first-level discipline of pharmacy is a key discipline in Jiangsu Province. It was selected into the program of Construction Project of Advantageous Disciplines of Universities in Jiangsu Province. Pharmacology is ranked as national key discipline in China. Pharmacology and Toxicology is ranked in the top 0.5 of ESI, and chemistry is ranked in the top 1% of ESI. In the 2021 QS World University Ranking, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology ranks first among independent medical universities. The discipline enter the top 10% of pharmacy discipline in the 2021 ranking of the best disciplines in China.

Now the school has a professional team of erudite scholars, including Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Engineering(1), Recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation(2), National Thousands Talents Program(1), Expert with Special Allowance from State Council (3), China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists(3), Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding Youth Fund(4), Jiangsu Province Six Talent Peak Innovation Team(2), Jiangsu Province Double-Entrepreneurial Team(1), 1 Jiangsu Province University Excellent Science and Technology Innovation Team(1), Jiangsu Province 333 Project Training Plan(9), Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Jiangsu Province(1), Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu (5), Distinguished Medical Expert of Jiangsu (1), Jiangsu Province Double-Entrepreneurial Talent(4), JiangsuQing-Lan Project innovation Training Plan(8), Jiangsu Province The Most Beautiful College Counselor(1), Jiangsu May Fourth Youth Medal Winner(1), Excellent Teaching Team of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions Youth and Blue Project(1).

The college has established the Innovation Center for Basic Pharmaceutical Research of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Major Diseases under the Ministry of Education, the State-level Key Laboratory for Cultivation and Construction of New Targets and Translational Research of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Major Diseases, the Joint Research Center of State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine and Innovative Drugs of Centrum Pharmaceuticals and Nanjing Medical University, and the Jiangsu Provincial Joint Laboratory/Engineering Center for International Cooperation on Drug Targets for Major Diseases, Jiangsu Gene Drug Technology Center and other scientific research platforms, and is also one of the co-builders of the National Medical Research Industry-Education Integration Vaccine R&D Innovation Platform.The school is divided into 9 departments: Department of Chemistry, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Pharmaceutics, Department of Nuclear Pharmacy, Department of Drug Regulatory Science and Pharmacoeconomics, Department of Clinical Quantitative Pharmacology, 1 research Institute (Institute of Stem Cell and Nerve Regeneration), 2 provincial key laboratories (Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Medicine, Gene Medicine Center of Jiangsu Province) and 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center (Jiangsu Provincial Pharmaceutical Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center).


The school has always committed to the discovery of innovative drug targets for critical illnesses and achieved landmark results. In recent years, the school has undertaken important research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China Innovative Research Group Project, key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, major research projects of the Ministry of science and technology, the National Natural Science Excellent Young Scientists Fund and the National Key New Drug Creation. In recent two years, the average amount of research funding has reached 40 million RMB and more than 50 SCI papers per year have published, including Science, Nat Med, Circulation, Neuron and other international authoritative journals. An average of 10 domestic patents are authorized each year. The school has won 1 First prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education, 1 Second prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education and 3 First prizes of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award.

The school has 2 undergraduate majors: pharmacy and clinical pharmacy, both of which are national first-class professional construction sites of the Ministry of Education. The pharmacy major has successfully passed the professional certification of the Ministry of Education in 2020. The Basic Pharmacy Top Students Cultivation Base was selected as the 2.0 base construction site of Jiangsu Basic Discipline Top Students Cultivation Program. In recent years, it has been awarded national first-class courses(2) and provincial first-class courses(3). It has won 1 Second Prize of National Pharmacy Professional Degree Graduate Education and Teaching Achievement Award, and 2“Provincial Second Prize for Teaching Achievements”. The school has been nominated for 1 national outstanding doctoral dissertation, 1 national outstanding pharmacy graduate dissertation, 3 outstanding doctoral dissertations in Jiangsu Province, 8 outstanding master's dissertations in Jiangsu Province, and 18 outstanding undergraduate dissertations in Jiangsu Province. The Undergraduates have won many awards such as the National Experimental Skills Competition for Undergraduates in Pharmacy, the Grand Prize and the First Prize in the National Pharmacy Forum for Undergraduates.

All the faculty of the school of pharmacy will continuously uphold the motto, Utmost sincerity to people, Unique specialty in medicine, and dedicate themselves to work so that the school will become a distinctive and well-known school of pharmacy in China.